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About us

P2L Services has been working with forestry experts, private landowners, and forestry professionals alike since 2011. We work to manage and monetize forests and import/export wood, and are involved in international projects, including some in Brazil and Romania.

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What we do

« The forest is your property. We simply manage it and support you in all of your projects. »

Forestry Technician

  • Inventory: forest measurement and analysis, creation of sustainable maintenance plan.
  • Appraisal: estimation of forest's value at a given moment, calculated using plant density and forest area.
  • Marking and clearing: cutting clearings (wood for industry or heating) and logging broadleaf and coniferous trees for timber.
  • Valuation and sale of timber
  • Monitoring timber operations

Technical and Sales Support

  • Import/export wood : sale of lumber, quality logs, wood for energy and industry, sourced from France, Brazil, and Romania.
  • Purchase and sale of forestry plantations : helping private individuals and businesses to buy and sell forestry assets
  • Project development: providing support for importing wood from Brazil or Romania. Geographical diversification of your supply.

Why choose us

Proven international forestry experience,

through close collaboration with SLB Group.

In-depth knowledge of forests and

French, Brazilian, and Romanian timber markets.

Large supply capacity for quality timber

(all European timbers and eucalyptus from Brazil)

« With P2L Services, your forestry assets are in the hands of a dedicated professional. »

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